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Maj Studio is a multifaceted design agency based in Stockholm / Sweden.

Founded in May 2005 by MAJID MODIR creative director, graphic designer and visual artist with MFA in Graphic Design & Illustration at Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm), and many years of experiences among others as art director at The Swedish Television TV4.

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It’s all about IDEA related DESIGN, irrespectively of which product we create for you. Our goal is fertile communication! It might be a logo, a poster or an animation.  A good idea carries a good result and a good design makes it eternal. Good design is made by good knowledge and experience but at the same time is ruled by the heart! We enjoy to create brand identities,  we are good at inventing because we love it.


We help you to define yourself. With consideration we develop ideas to achieve the best solutions and we do not differentiate between forms of communication. We experiment with curiosity, work hard with honesty and never compromise since we believe that bad quality would result in the end.    Enthusiasm, joy and craftsmanship are our tools and we collaborate closely with others qualified if need be. We deliver a professional product that satisfies you and makes us proud.


We work with both established and new-born companies in many different branches of trade, whether they are small or large our design defines our work.

Some of our clients:


Farhang Förening

TV4 Sweden

Kanal 5



KIsta World Music Festival


Gnesta Kommuon

New Export Market


Etvab Fastigheter